Low power standby

Low power standby function: when the ON/ OFF switch is OFF, the product enters low power consumption status.

USB output

USB output: when charging the phone, MP3/ MP4, digital camera and other digital products, the output current is 5V/ 2A.

Solar charge or adapte

It is best to switch off when the unit is powered by a solar charge or adapte. ON/ OFF to reduce charging time. It can be used will charging, and it will not affect the batter.


The product has the function of overcharge and short circuit protection (battery protection needs to be activated), and red indicator light is indicated in the under voltage.

Charge and discharge indication

Charge and discharge indication function. Monitor system charge and discharge status at any time. When charging, the battery power indicator flashes. Full power, four battery power indicator lights are always on. Work indicates the green light when discharging. At low pressure, the battery's electric light flashes. After overload protection, work indicates bright red.

Intelligent control

Using single chip microcomputer as main control with intelligent control of the battery charge, discharge and overcharge, has discharge protection, short circuit protection function, when the load is overloaded, the system will automatically shut down, after 10 seconds automatically return to normal output, for a long service life of the battery, the battery discharge voltage recovery control function.

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