Key Features

There are so many reasons to choose Solarbaba, here are a few items:

Support full Chinese or full English display

Support full Chinese or full English display, the display shows the machine status and alarms, to facilitate the user to troubleshoot the problem directly (no instructions can operate)

Support four modes

Support four modes, priority of mains power, priority of battery, priority of energy saving, increase of RV mode, aiming at users of RV power supply system

In any mode

the user can turn on or off the energy-saving mode at any time; the inverter consumes only 5W when there is no load, economical, high-efficiency

10A-100A charging current design stalls

10A-100A charging current design stalls: low, medium, high, ultra high four stalls, each stall can display the corresponding charging current value

Optional battery type

Optional battery type: lead-acid, colloid, lithium iron phosphate, lithium ternary, user-defined

The battery voltage is adjustable

The battery voltage is adjustable: set a custom battery type, the user can set the battery voltage independently, adapt to all battery types on the market

The machine automatically enters

The machine automatically enters hibernation mode when there is no load. When the power is only 10W, the machine starts automatically.

Charge at any time

Open or close the mains charge at any time;/p>

Power Inverters

Inverters convert low-voltage DC (direct current) power to standard AC (alternating current) power to provide reliable backup power. Inverter are ideal when you need backup power for generators and in areas where utility power is unreliable; larger inverter provide power for extended periods for homes and remote work sites.

Providing power to the home
Emergency Backup Supply

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