Key Features

There are so many reasons to choose Solarbaba, here are a few items:

Pure sine wave
Pure sine wave
Smart charger
Powerful charge rate

Pure sine wave

Pure sine wave output.

Smart LCD setting

Smart LCD setting(Working modes, Charge Current, Chargevoltage, etc.)

Powerful charge rate

Powerful charge rate up to 100Amp (120A optional).

MPPT charge controller

Built-in MPPT solar charge controller 60A/120A, MPPT efficiency max 98%.

Pure copper transformer

Built-in pure copper UI transformer.

DC start

DC start &Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function.


RS485 monitoring function with free CD.


Supporting AGS, BTS port, WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring (optional).


Compatible to generator.

Off Grid Systems

Off-grid PV systems are very different than battery-less grid-tied and self-consumption systems. Without the utility as a supplemental electricity source. When the sun is up, the solar panels generate power to charge the battery bank and provide electricity. At night, the inverter/charger automatically runs your electrical equipment from your battery bank.

No access to the utility grid
Become energy self-sufficient

Product Overview

PV3500 Series Low Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter (4-12KW)

LCD/LED Display Information

  1. Power saver on/off switch
  2. AC Charger current setting
  3. LCD display
  4. Battery voltage setting
  5. Inverter indicator
  6. Charging indicator
  7. Grid indicator
  8. Fault indicator
  9. Function
  10. PV indicator

Figure Back Panel Information

  1. Remote port
  2. BAT”-“
  3. FAN
  4. BAT”+”
  5. RS485/CAN communication port
  6. AC input/Bypass breaker
  7. AC output breaker
  8. Function switch(SW1-SW5)
  9. AGS
  10. BTS
  11. AC input
  12. AC output
  13. PV2 input (Optional)
  14. PV1 input
  15. Ground
PV3500 Series Low Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter (4-12KW)

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